Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sequential Timer Circuit Diagram using NE555 Precision Timer IC

A sequential timer circuit device are used in many applications for initializing conditions during start-up or for activation of test signals in sequences such in test equipment device. The circuit diagram below shows a sequencer circuit with possible applications in many sistems.
Sequential Timer Circuit Diagram using NE555
As you can see, it uses the NE555 precision timer IC which capable of producing accurate time delays or oscillation. These timing circuits can be connected to provide such sequential control with various combinations of astable or monostable circuit connections. You can used it with or without modulation for extremely flexible waveform control.

You may see the NE555 Datasheet here (source:

A6S-8102   AME8815BECS330    TRJA154K035R600...   ADG604YRUZ    SMC2-499RFI   Am29DL800BT90EE...   SY10EL32VZCTR   CLS4D28NP-330NB   TDA1517P   MC74HC595ADTR2G   HLMP-EH25-TV400   DA103J12B215QF6


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