Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Semiconductor Article: All You Need to Know About Power MOSFET

Here we provide you with asemiconductor articleregarding the power MOSFET (metal Oxide Semiconductor FieldThe MOSFET Vertical Structure Showing the Parasitic BJT and DiodeEffect Transistor). This device used in a wide range applications such as SMPS, computer peripherals, automotive, and motor control. You will find a general description aboutpower MOSFETsinside the article.
What will be described by the article are sections such as History of Power MOSFETs, types of field effect transistors, The Structure of a MOSFET (lateral and vertical channel design),The Characteristics of a MOSFET(advantages, disadvantages, and basic characteristics), Characteristics of MOSFET’s in ON and OFF States, and user’s manual.

All You Need to Know About Power MOSFET can be seen completely in this semiconductor article (source:

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