Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drive Two-Six White LEDs (WLEDs) in Parallel Circuit Diagram

The parallel arrangement of LED backlights allows the control IC to utilize inexpensive low voltage CMOS processes as shown by the followingcircuit diagram which requires two to six white LEDs (WLEDs) in parallel. In many applications, LED backlights have been used in small and medium size portable LCD displays.
parallel led circuit diagram
The AAT3169 IC is capable of driving six LEDs for a total of 180mA from a 2.7V to 5.5V input. It drives the LEDs with a constant current programmed by a low-side current sink (high side current source also are available). But it can result in unacceptable channel-to-channel mismatch in large format LCD displays where a greater number of LEDs are required across a larger viewing area.

source: http://www.hqew.net/circuit-diagram/Drive-Two$2dSix-White-LEDs-%28WLEDs%29-in-Parallel-Circuit-Diagram_5522.html

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