Monday, July 9, 2012

Overcurrent Protection Device at Auto-Cigarete Lighter Power Outlet

Ever had a short circuits or blown fuses on your automobile environment or portable equipment when plugged yourDC Cigarette Lighter Adapter Charger Circuitmobile phone charger intoCigarete Lighter Power Outlet? We provide you with information about how to prevent that conditions by providing anovercurrent protection deviceat the charger input, potentially in combination with an overvoltage device.
The Overcurrent Protection Devicesuch a PolySwitch PPTC device require informations determined by the load current of the end equipment and the fault susceptibility of power conversion circuits in the charger itself. The PolySwitch device then is combined with an overvoltage protection device, such as a Zener diode, at the input to the charger.

This protection device may prevent three faults condition such as Overcurrent faults, Charger circuit faults, and Reverse polarity faults that can damage both the charger and circuitry or your vehicle electrical harness. Follow on full explanation about Overcurrent Protection Device at Auto-Cigarete Lighter Power Outlet in the DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter Application Datasheet (source:$2dCigarete-Lighter-Power-Outlet_5299.html).

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