Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Piezoelectric Transformers Design Article and Schematic

If you need to look for a suitabletransformer designfor non-lead materials, a nonlead Piezoelectric Transformers, youthe Radial Transversal mode transformer schematic diagrammay consider the folowing article that contain various transformer structures description. Piezoelectric transformers are now widely used in applications such as backlight inverters, AC-DC converters, car navigation system, LCDs for small screen devices and etc.
In the depth of the article there are informations about the piezoelectric transformer advantages, examples of transformer designs (Radial Transversal mode transformer, Longitudinal-Transversal mode transformer, Ring type transformer, and Unipoled transformer) including the schematic diagram of those transformers type.

At the end of article there are calculations regarding the gain (matching load), efficiency, and mode of each piezoelectric transformer under the low power condition. The article was written by Shashank Priya and colleagues from International Center for Actuators and Transducers Pennsylvania State University, University Park. Please read complete article aboutPiezoelectric Transformers Design Article and Schematicin this 117 Kb pdf filetype –http://www.hqew.net/circuit-diagram/Piezoelectric-Transformers-Design-Article-and-Schematic_5439.html

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