Thursday, April 18, 2013

Infrared Repeater System circuit

This infrared repeater system is used to extend the range of an infrared transmitter used at an audio or video equipment at 10 m. The original signal is captured by the infrared receiver (figure 1), amplified and delivered to the IR transmitter (figure 2) through a coaxial cable.Its is possible to control an audio system located in the living room from the dining room so it can be used as an infrared remote repeater.

Although in fig. 1 it is used the BPW34 IR diode you can get good results with BP104. The performances of the IR receiver built on the PCB shown in figure 3 were much better than on a Veroboard.
The receiver consumes a strong current dependent of the digital code used by the remote system and it is between 30 mA and 100 mA.
The power supply lines for T1 and T2 must be kept as short as possible.

Infrared Repeater’s Receiver Circuit Diagram

PCF8576CT OPA541AP PCI1420PDV RTL8139D OPA2130UA PCM1720E SP232ECN OP37GS OPA2134PA OPA2650U infrared repeater receiver circuit diagram
The range of the transmitter depends to some extent by the room in which it is used but under normal conditions should be about 10 meters.
The output signal frequencies may be between 5 kHz and 200 kHz. Special attention should be given to avoid optical reactions between the receiver and transmitter.

IR Repeater’s Transmitter Circuit Schematic

ir repeater transmitter circuit schematic
Infrared Repeater PCB Layout

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