Monday, June 18, 2012

iPad 2 Drives Global Tablet PC Price to a Reduction of 21% in the First Quarter

The market research firm IMS Research, reported the global average price of the Tablet PC  in the first quarter of this year was $386, down 21%, and the main stimulus factor was Apple lowered the iPad 2 price.

Apple released the new iPad in March this year and subsequently the iPad 2 price was reduced $100 to $399, which leaded to the other Tablet PC manufacturers being forced to lower product price, and it became the main reason that the Tablet PC average selling price was only $ 386 in the first quarter.

In fact, with the growth in demand, low-end tablet PCs below $200 became more common. Although the world's Tablet PC shipments was less than the fourth quarter of last year in the first quarter this year, it double increased compared to the first quarter of last year.

IMS Research analyst Gerry Xu said:" Manufacturers need have small innovation to differentiate their tablet computer products, low price seems to be the greatest incentive to attract consumers to buy the Tablet PC besides  iPad. But to balance performance and profitability, cutting price is still a challenge for most of the Tablet PC manufacturers."

The survey shows that the low-end market is currently occupied by small and medium-sized brands and cottage manufacturers, users of these companies use Tablet PC as a media player, eBook reader and GPS. But the new version of Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet PC is expected to pressure the low-end market manufacturers, prompt the latter to improve product performance. Kindle Fire is now America's most popular Android tablet computer.

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